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Penthouse in Century Ethos




Interiors, Landscape & Execution



Located on the uppermost floor, The whole spatial planning features a sweeping city view. This Pent House Has it's recreational spaces in its Lower level with an extended bar indoors and one alongside the infinity gazebo on the extended terrace. The indoor entertainment space sprawls further into board games playing alongside a bar which is certainly quite luxurious.

Bar: What pairs nicely while drinking beer? Stupendous view or Foosball for recreation. This home not only has it's vast view of the whole city but both. With all that table space and the lanes, this home is like a small Dave and Busters.

Dining: In keeping with the materials with subtle tones and the attempt to create niche that was both unfashionable and timeless is further complemented by the realistic wooden peg chandelier which speaks the spatial language out loud. With this Parallely striking staircase running along, this space indeed stands for it's vibe and eclectic feature.

Bedrooms: This space was designed in layers to integrate the architectural language and its spatial characteristics to create a calm haven of grey walls and wooden flooring and glam up with accent lighting. thus, using modern architectural values, it combines modern elements by using materials in its natural tone as in grey walls to remind of concrete finish, tans and blues on fabrics and used subtle shades for other fabrics.

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